Regal Repose: Silhouette of Serenity Art.Africa Curatorial Space

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About the Artwork

Evocative portrait that intertwines the solemn tranquility of its subject with the rich tapestry of Benin’s royal heritage. Adorned with a necklace and crown of traditional Benin coral beads, the figure embodies the spiritual and temporal authority of her lineage. These beads, deep red like the lifeblood of history itself, signify not only status but also the sacred trust and wisdom bestowed upon the wearer.  The woman’s profile, set against a canvas of textural contrasts, exudes a composed grace, her expression a reservoir of internal peace. The vibrant crimson of her regalia casts a warm glow, symbolizing the vitality and spiritual strength that the beads represent, while her serene mien suggests an inner wellspring of wisdom. Oshiole’s technique elevates the painting beyond mere depiction, creating a tactile experience that invites contemplation of the powerful feminine spirit and the silent fortitude that defines it.  This piece is a celebration of the silent yet resounding presence of women in the cultural continuum, an acknowledgment of the poise and peace that they sustain. “Regal Repose: Silhouette of Serenity” stands as a visual sonnet to the enduring beauty and resilience woven into the heritage of the Benin people, a silent ode to the ancestral echoes that shape identity and presence. Artist: Precious Oshiole


117 cm x 88 cm


Acrylic | Canvas


United Kingdom

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