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in Zaria: The Unsung Heroine of the Royal Family

by InxSANIxTy Apr 13, 2024

By [Nnamdi Obazee], Royal Correspondent

[Zaria, Kaduna] — In the annals of history, where warriors and leaders are celebrated, there lies a tale less told – that of Princess Zaria, the enigmatic sister of the renowned Princess Amina. While Amina’s valiance in battle is well-documented, Zaria’s contributions to the kingdom have remained in the shadows until now.

The Graceful Warrior
Princess Zaria possessed an aura of grace and wisdom that belied her years. She was not just a princess by birth but also by virtue; her compassion knew no bounds. In times of war, when swords clashed and shields broke, Zaria was the healing touch that soothed wounds and mended spirits. Her regal attire, adorned with jewels and colors, reflected both her royal lineage and her inner strength.

A Sister’s Legacy

Princess Amina, the warrior queen, often overshadowed Zaria’s quiet heroism. Yet, it was Zaria who stood by her sister’s side, advising and supporting her. When Amina led troops into battle, Zaria ensured that the wounded were cared for, the families of fallen soldiers comforted, and hope rekindled. Her wisdom extended beyond the battlefield; she negotiated peace treaties, bridging gaps between rival clans.

The Renaming of Zaria

The modern city of Zaria owes its name to Princess Zaria. The British, recognizing her influence and legacy, renamed the city in her honor during the early twentieth century. Zaria became a hub of culture, art, and commerce—a testament to Zaria’s vision for a harmonious society.

A Legacy Remembered
As we delve deeper into history, let us remember not just those who wielded weapons but also those who wielded love and compassion—for they too are warriors in their own right. Princess Zaria’s legacy lives on, not only in the city that bears her name but also in the hearts of those who recognize her quiet strength



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