Temi n’ Temi (What is Mine is Mine) Oluwashogo Ajayi

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About the Artwork

The artwork titled “Temi n’ Temi (What is Mine is Mine)” is a reflection on self-love and personal growth. The artist expresses the belief that true fulfillment comes from embracing oneself fully, including acknowledging flaws and imperfections. Through the metaphor of being a gardener, the artist emphasizes the importance of nurturing oneself and cultivating one’s own happiness and self-worth. The artist acknowledges the value of external validation but emphasizes the greater significance of self-trust and self-reliance. They advocate for taking proactive steps towards personal development, even if it means facing challenges and setbacks along the way. The artwork encourages viewers to trust themselves, believe in their abilities, and find strength in their resilience. “Temi n’ Temi” serves as a reminder to embrace one’s flaws, trust in oneself, and continue the journey of self-discovery and growth, with the understanding that true fulfillment comes from within.


30 cm x 36 cm



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