“Omobolanle and Her Dreams of Winter (Portrait Study)” Oluwashogo Ajayi

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About the Artwork

The artwork titled “Omobolanle and Her Dreams of Winter (Portrait Study)” reflects the artist’s childhood aspirations and the realization that the true treasures lie within one’s own heritage and identity. As a child, the artist dreamed of taking their mother to America, symbolizing aspirations for a better life and success. However, with maturity comes the understanding that fulfillment and richness can be found in embracing one’s roots and cultural identity. The Yoruba Adage “What we are looking for somewhere else is right there in our pockets” highlights the theme of self-discovery and appreciating the value of one’s heritage. Despite the desire to travel and explore, the artist finds solace and pride in their hometown and black identity. Through this portrait study, the artist invites viewers to reflect on their own dreams and aspirations, urging them to appreciate the beauty and richness of their cultural heritage.


16 cm x 20 cm



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