Worthy of Living II (Series :Our Identity) Johnmark Agbabiaka

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About the Artwork

“worthy of Living Ii” Is a Captivating Piece From the “our Identity” Series by Agbabiaka Johnmark. Created with a Combination of Oil and Acrylics on Canvas, the Artwork Exudes a Profound Sense of the Value and Significance of Life. Through Intricate Brushwork and Vibrant Colors, the Artist Conveys the Essence of Human Existence with Depth and Emotion. the Composition Invites Viewers to Reflect on the Inherent Worth Found Within Every Individual and the Inherent Dignity of Human Life. with Its Balanced Composition and Dynamic Textures, “worthy of Living Ii” Serves as a Powerful Reminder of the Preciousness of Life and the Resilience of the Human Spirit. Signed by the Artist in 2023, This Artwork Stands as a Testament to Agbabiaka Johnmark’s Skillful Craftsmanship and His Exploration of Themes Related to Identity and the Human Experience.


121.92 cm x 91.44 cm



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