Worth of Living (Our Identity Series) Johnmark Agbabiaka

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About the Artwork

Worth of Living, a Part of the “our Identity” Series by Agbabiaka Johnmark, Is a Profound Exploration of the Value and Significance of Life. Through a Captivating Blend of Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, the Artist Conveys the Essence of Existence with Depth and Emotion. the Artwork Invites Viewers to Contemplate the Intrinsic Worth Found Within Every Individual and the Inherent Dignity of Human Life. Rich Hues and Intricate Textures Evoke a Sense of Vitality and Resilience, Symbolizing the Resilience and Strength Inherent in the Human Spirit. Signed by the Artist in 2023, “worth of Living” Serves as a Poignant Reminder of the Preciousness of Life and the Enduring Power of the Human Experience.


121.92 cm x 91.44 cm


United Kingdom

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