Our Peace II (Series: Our Identity) Johnmark Agbabiaka

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About the Artwork

“Our Peace II ” Is a Captivating Piece That Belongs to the Artist’s Ongoing Series Titled “our Identity.” with a Masterful Blend of Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, the Artwork Measures 40 by 52 Inches, Commanding Attention with Its Size and Presence. Through Intricate Brushwork and Rich Color Palette, the Artist Conveys a Profound Sense of Tranquility and Serenity, Inviting Viewers Into a Contemplative Space. the Composition Exudes a Harmonious Balance, Evoking a Feeling of Inner Peace and Introspection. Signed by the Artist in 2023, This Artwork Serves as a Testament to Agbabiaka Johnmark’s Skillful Craftsmanship and His Exploration of Themes Related to Identity and Inner Peace.


132.1 cm x 101.6 cm



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