Our Hope (Series: Our Identity) Johnmark Agbabiaka

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About the Artwork

"our Hope," Part of the "our Identity" Series by Agbabiaka Johnmark, Is a Poignant Expression of Optimism and Resilience. Through a Masterful Blend of Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, the Artist Captures the Essence of Hope in the Face of Adversity. the Artwork Portrays a Sense of Unity and Strength, Symbolized by the Intertwined Figures or Elements Within the Composition. Warm and Vibrant Colors Evoke a Feeling of Positivity and Determination, Serving as a Beacon of Light in Challenging Times. with Its Modest Dimensions of 33 by 36 Inches, "our Hope" Invites Viewers to Reflect on Their Own Sources of Hope and Resilience, Inspiring a Sense of Empowerment and Solidarity.


83.82 cm x 91.44 cm



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