Children of Conflicts Johnmark Agbabiaka

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About the Artwork

"Children of Conflicts" is a poignant portrayal of the profound impact of war on innocent children, with a specific focus on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Through a skillful blend of acrylics and oil on canvas, the artist captures the heart-wrenching reality faced by these children trapped amidst chaos and violence. The painting serves as a powerful advocacy tool, urging viewers to raise awareness and work towards ending the violence that robs these children of their innocence and jeopardizes their future. With a somber yet hopeful tone, the artwork calls for collective action to protect the future of these innocent souls and create a world free from violence and destruction. Signed by the artist in 23, "Children of Conflicts" stands as a compelling testament to Agbabiaka Johnmark's dedication to shedding light on important social issues through art.


76.2 cm x 91.44 cm



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