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About the Artwork

Nigeria is a large country with diverse cultures. Milk maids are a common theme peculiar with the Nothern part of Nigeria. Most men in the northern part of Nigeria are cattle herders and farmers. While the men rear the cattle, the women heck their living from milking the cows. The cows produce milk that is locally known as ‘ทนทน’. Several women predominantly rely on this in the northern part as a means of their livelihood, hence the common expression ‘milk maids’ In this unique and painstakingly rendered master piece, Gift has been able to capture the real and correct posture of the milk maids. Set in mild cool bluish and greyish colour combination, the two women with their traditional milk pots carefully balanced on their heads move gracefully in hawking their nunu in the neighbourhood. The medium of using hand crafted beads has been professionally rendered by Gift in this unique master piece.


60 cm x 121 cm



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