Home Alone Eyitayo Alagbe

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About the Artwork

On This Saturday Morning, Home Alone" captures the essence of solitude and contemplation in a bustling world. The painting depicts a cozy living room bathed in soft morning light, casting gentle shadows on the furniture and walls. A steaming cup of coffee sits on the table, its aroma filling the room with warmth and comfort. The scene is peaceful yet evocative, inviting viewers to imagine themselves in the quiet stillness of the morning, free from distractions and the demands of daily life. The artist has skillfully captured the beauty of a solitary moment, celebrating the simple joys of being present in the here and now. Through careful brushstrokes and a harmonious color palette, "On This Saturday Morning, Home Alone" speaks to the soul, reminding us of the importance of taking time for ourselves and appreciating the beauty of the present moment.


48 cm x 48 cm



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