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About the Artwork

In "The Oracle of Harmony," Gbolade Omidiran captures the essence of a figure who channels the ancient wisdom of African music. Enveloped in a constellation of cultural motifs, this sentinel of sound holds the sacred instruments with a reverent grace, serving as a medium between the ancestral pulse of the land and the celestial rhythms of the universe. The backdrop is a complex narrative of cosmic designs, symbolising the interconnectedness of all existence, where music serves as the primordial language. The figure itself, a stately presence amidst the cosmic swirl, is a testament to the griots who have long served as the guardians of African heritage and tradition. Omidiran's "The Oracle of Harmony" is a tribute to the spiritual dimension of music within African culture, where each note is infused with the wisdom of the ages, and each melody is an invocation of the ancestral spirit. It is a vibrant celebration of the role of the musician as both a storyteller and a sage, a custodian of the profound harmonies that bind the community across time and space. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


61 cm x 122 cm


United Kingdom

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