The First Sanctuary Art.Africa Curatorial Space

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About the Artwork

A poignant creation by Gbolade Omidiran, captures the quintessential moment of maternal grace—a mother breastfeeding her child—as it intersects with the vast tapestry of African cultural heritage. The intricate motifs adorning the mother’s silhouette are more than mere decoration; they are a silent oratory of ancestry, each pattern a storied glyph that traces the lineage of generations past and whispers of the cultural narratives embedded within. Against the backdrop of a setting sun, rendered as a resplendent orb, the scene is suffused with the life-giving forces of nature, paralleling the nurturing act at the painting’s heart. The dripping paint, meandering downwards, introduces a layer of poignant temporality, a visual metaphor for the inexorable flow of time and life’s continuous march forward. These rivulets of colour symbolise the blending of days into nights, of moments into memories, and of the individual’s story into the collective saga of humanity. Together, the motifs and the paint’s journey across the canvas create a narrative that is both intimate and expansive. This artwork is a testament to the sustaining power of maternal bonds and the enduring resonance of tradition. It is an eloquent acknowledgment of the rituals that define us, the primal instincts that guide us, and the cultural imprints that shape our identity. In “The First Sanctuary,” Omidiran celebrates the silent rhythms of nature’s most intrinsic act, while also honouring the rich, continuous stroke of human existence. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


60 cm x 120 cm




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