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About the Artwork

Gbolade Omidiran's "Symphony of Ancestral Echoes" is a textured canvas that resonates with the cultural symphony of Nigeria's rich musical heritage. The artwork features musicians, their bodies almost abstracted into the instruments they hold—a horn from Northern Nigeria and a drum from the West—melding artist and artifice into a single entity of sound and soul. The intricate background, a labyrinth of traditional motifs and symbols, sets a stage that is alive with the ancestral rhythms of the land. Each pattern and texture is a visual note in the composition, contributing to the overall melody that is both seen and felt. The horn player, lips pressed against the instrument, seems to summon the stories of the past, while the drummer's hands on the taut skin of the drum evoke the heartbeat of a culture. This piece is a celebration of the timeless dialogue between various musical traditions within Nigeria, symbolised by the harmony of instruments. Omidiran masterfully weaves a narrative that transcends time, where the act of making music becomes an act of cultural remembrance and reverence. With each brushstroke, Omidiran constructs a visual symphony where the musicians, adorned in beads and traditional attire, become the embodiment of their art. "Symphony of Ancestral Echoes" is not simply a depiction of a performance but a rich, multi-sensory experience that captures the essence of Nigerian musical tradition, inviting the onlooker to hear the unseen and perceive the rhythms of history through the colours and contours of the canvas. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


90 cm x 90 cm


United Kingdom

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