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About the Artwork

"Rhythmic Legacies" is a powerful composition by Gbolade Omidiran, a testament to the pulsating heart of African cultural expression. Each figure in this tableau carries the weight of tradition and the lightness of melody, their forms a blend of ancient symbols and the living, breathing essence of music and dance. The calabash, a vessel of life's sustenance, and the masks, windows to the soul of the ancestors, stand as emblems of an enduring heritage. The canvas itself becomes a living entity, with textured patterns that invite the touch, suggesting the tactile nature of African art—a craft meant to be experienced with all the senses. The rich interplay of colours and symbols beckons the viewer into a narrative woven through time, capturing the essence of communal storytelling and the vibrancy of ritualistic gatherings. "Rhythmic Legacies" is an artwork that speaks of continuity and change, a bridge between the echoes of the past and the resonant tones of the present. It is an evocative piece that enchants the eye, stirs the spirit, and ignites a desire to be part of the unfolding story it tells. This is not merely a purchase; it is an embrace of the rhythmic soul of Africa, a celebration of its unbroken melody that has traversed oceans and epochs to reach us today Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


81 cm x 41 cm


United Kingdom

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