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About the Artwork

A captivating creation by Gbolade Omidiran, is an artistic celebration of the enduring vibrancy of African musical traditions. This exquisite piece portrays an ancient Nigerian instrument, poised and ready to release the melodies of history. Its strings, taut with potential, are a metaphor for the enduring connections binding the present to the rich tapestry of Africa's past. Crafted with a profound attention to texture and depth, the instrument emerges from the canvas, as if echoing the very resonance of the land. The backdrop, a complex matrix of traditional patterns and symbols, weaves together the diverse narratives of a continent whose stories are as intricate as the artwork itself. "Resonance of Heritage" is not just a visual feast; it is an auditory journey. It invites the beholder to listen closely, to the symphony of stories that thrum through the painted strings and to be moved by the silent music that plays through generations. This piece is a call to celebrate the multifaceted beauty of African culture, an enchanting addition to any collection that promises to stir the soul and inspire the mind with each viewing. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


79 cm x 40 cm


United Kingdom

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