Odun Ijesu: The Maternal Benediction Art.Africa Curatorial Space

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About the Artwork

In "Odun Ijesu: The Maternal Benediction," Gbolade Omidiran invokes the rich tapestry of Yoruba heritage through a tableau of iridescent textures that breathe life into the age-old festival of the harvest. This work is a testament to the fecundity of the land, blessed by the Orishas, and to the unyielding strength and grace inherent in Yoruba motherhood. The central figure, swathed in the traditional "Oja," carries her child—a motif that is emblematic of the nurturing soul of the tribe and the continuity of its lineage. Omidiran's use of a vibrant yet earthy palette, with a luminous quality that catches the eye, symbolises the divine light of the Orishas, casting a sacred glow on the fruits of their providence. The layered textures underscore the depth of the cultural narrative, with each stroke and hue contributing to the collective memory of the Yoruba people. The artwork transcends mere representation, offering instead a window into the soul of a community for whom the earth is both sustenance and sanctuary, and for whom the Orishas are the eternal custodians of harmony between the terrestrial and the celestial. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


60 cm x 120 cm


United Kingdom

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