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About the Artwork

"Lullaby of Lineage" by Gbolade Omidiran is a poignant depiction of maternal affection and cultural legacy, presented through the timeless practice of child rearing in Nigeria. The artwork features a Nigerian mother, her posture reflecting the grace and resilience characteristic of her heritage, with her child nestled securely on her back. This intimate portrayal is a powerful symbol of the nurturing bond and the continuum of generational wisdom. The mother and child are set against a canvas that sings with a medley of traditional patterns, each stroke and hue a fragment of the vast narrative tapestry that is Nigeria's cultural history. Omidiran's skilful layering of textures and colours brings a dynamic depth to the piece, echoing the complex layers of African society and the roles of women as both caretakers and custodians of heritage. "Lullaby of Lineage" extends an invitation to the viewer to not only witness but to feel the rhythm of familial love and cultural endurance. It is a visual ode to the strength and tenderness of the African mother, a reminder of the gentle power that rocks the cradle of humanity. This artwork offers a profound statement piece for any space, encapsulating the spirit of Africa in a moment of quietude and the unspoken promise of the future cradled in the arms of the past. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


80 cm x 39 cm


United Kingdom

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