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About the Artwork

Intersection of Life," a poignant piece by Gbolade Omidiran, is a vivid portrayal of the tumultuous and vibrant journey of existence. The canvas is a maelstrom of colors and textures, each layer and hue representing the chaotic beauty of life's myriad experiences. The bursts of colour, set against the rawness of the earthy background, reflect the spectrum of emotions and events that mark the human condition. Adorning the canvas, the bold geometric patterns are reminiscent of traditional African motifs, symbolising the structured passage of time and the cultural milestones that define us. These symbols act as beacons of order amidst the swirling abstraction, much like the guiding principles and rituals that anchor us in the unpredictable sea of life. Omidiran's work here is a testament to the resilience and diversity of the African spirit. With "Intersection of Life," he invites us to contemplate the rich tapestry of our own lives, encouraging us to find harmony within the chaos, and beauty within the struggle. The artwork is not just a visual feast; it is a philosophical meditation on the complexity, the pain, and the joy of the human experience, as seen through the lens of African wisdom. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


90 cm x 90 cm


United Kingdom

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