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This textured artwork brings to life the iconic Eyo Masquerade of Lagos, capturing the cultural vibrancy and historic tradition of Nigeria. The three central figures are depicted in monochromatic hues, their flowing robes and regal headpieces are rendered with a combination of smooth and textured surfaces, creating a tactile experience that invites the viewer to feel the movement and energy of the masquerade. The background is adorned with intricate patterns and symbols that echo traditional Nigerian art, each quadrant telling its own story and contributing to the narrative tapestry of the piece. The use of grayscale with strategic touches of colour on the hats of the figures focuses attention on the cultural significance of the masquerade. Signed by the artist, this piece serves as a powerful tribute to the enduring legacy of Lagos’ Eyo festival. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


90 cm x 90 cm




United Kingdom

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