Cradle of Africa: The Star’s Embrace Art.Africa Curatorial Space

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About the Artwork

A profound expression of the continent's soul, where the nurturing essence of motherhood is immortalized in paint. It portrays an African mother, the archetypal giver of life, in the intimate act of breastfeeding. This sacred ritual, set against a rich tapestry that captures the vibrancy of African heritage, is a testament to the nurturing spirit that sustains generations. Above her, a radiant star gleams, a symbol of hope and the guiding light of ancestral spirits that watch over this timeless bonding. The star's light bathes the mother and child, casting them in a celestial glow that underscores the sanctity of their connection. The intricate backdrop, a mosaic of cultural motifs, is the canvas upon which the story of life is written, with each pattern and colour echoing the rhythms of Africa.  Omidiran's painting is more than a depiction; it's an ode to the strength and tenderness of the African mother, whose love and care are as vast as the continent itself. "Cradle of Africa: The Star's Embrace" is a visual lullaby, carrying the weight of heritage and the lightness of a bright future, cradled in the arms of the present. Artist: Gbolade Omidiran


90 cm x 90 cm


United Kingdom

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